It is important to focus on your health if you have a job that involves sitting in one place for hours. Giving your spine the required support is essential to keep body aches and posture problems at bay. So, you should never shy away from investing in good quality office furniture for your home office.

With recent innovations in technology and design, it is possible to maintain a good posture and feel comfortable while working from home. Here are some great tips to keep your spine healthy while working a desk job:

1. Place the Arms Parallel to the Spine

Working on your bed is a terrible idea. Also, when you sit at the desk, the upper arms need to be parallel to the spine while your hands and forearms rest comfortably on the work surface. Placing the arms unusually low or high will cause pain in the upper back and shoulder joints.

2. Take the Support of your feet

If your chair is too high and it doesn’t come with an adjustable option, you can use a stool for resting your feet instead of keeping them hanging. This will reduce pressure on the feet and legs, and you won’t have to deal with foot pain.

3. Buy a Chair with an Adjustable Height

While buying a chair, you must study the width, height, backrest, armrest, swivel, and lumbar support to be sure it is the right choice. A chair with adjustable height will make it easy for you to match it to your height.

4. Adjust the Desk to match the Height

If you have to bend forward for typing on your keyboard, it is time to raise the height of your office desk. Keeping the chair and the desk at a suitable height will lessen the strain on your upper body. This is crucial to reduce body aches and stiffness at the end of the day.

5. Be mindful of your Posture

You have to stop yourself from slouching or slumping as it is a bad habit which will place stress on your lower back. So, make conscious efforts to maintain an ergonomically supported body posture to keep your spine healthy.

6. Watch the Screen Height

After you’ve adjusted the height of the chair and the table, sit straight and check if your eyes aim at the centre of the screen. Fix the screen level to decrease the pressure on your eyes.


Prioritize your health and research well before purchasing an office chair or desk to set up your workstation. Make the above-mentioned ergonomic adjustments and you will be able to synchronize your office chair, workstation, and posture. Always get furniture from a reliable brand even if it isn’t cheap. It will be a good investment that will benefit your body and mind.