Industrial Storage Units have advanced remarkably in the past decade, enabling business owners to find the right storage units that’d meet the needs of their office. Modern storage facilities come with thoughtful designs to maximize the utility space and gift a productive environment to employees. Storage units with shelves are excellent when it comes to segregating items and finding them.

If you are thinking about installing a storage unit but are confused about which one would be best for your office space, this guide is definitely for you.


Advantages of Compactus Storage Units

Be it a retail store or a fulfillment center – all merchandise-based companies need quality storage units. Any organization handling high volumes of goods needs space-efficient storage systems to store, access, and manage products. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, metal storage is one of the most popular office storage units. These are lightweight but strongly built to accommodate a range of heavy goods.

Reasons for Installing a Compactus Storage Unit

The five major benefits of investing in good-quality storage units are:

· Straightforward assembly

· Heavy-duty design

· Visibility and accessibility

· Available in mobile and stationary variations

· Cost-effective storage option

Types of Office Storage Units

Getting the right storage system is important for the smooth functioning of any business. Buying the wrong style, type, or shape of racking results in inconvenience and delays, even leading to monetary loss. Some of the commonly found shelving units include:

1. Boltless Shelving- Rivet shelving or boltless shelving is a versatile industrial storage unit designed without bolts or nuts. They have interlocking mechanisms and rivet holes, promising quick assembly and seamless adjustability of the heights of shelves.

2. Industrial Shelving- This type of shelving is apt for distribution centers and warehouses. The steel frame and metal shelves provide durability, stability, and resistance.

3. Bulk Shelving- It is the best way of creating additional storage space in any compact facility, making it suitable for high-volume offices.

4. Mobile Shelving- These are quite popular in offices and warehouses. These units have wheels, thus creating extra space on the floor of any room. Easy to install, you can also use them for transporting goods around your office.

5. Wire Shelving- Versatile as they are, wire shelving racks are used in multiple industries. This type of storage unit comes with a small gap to prevent moisture and dust buildup.


Remember that in any office, the safety of the staff should top the priority list. So, before and after installation, always double-check that the storage units are reliable and stable. Order storage units from a reputable storage system solutions provider as they’ll be able to suggest what type of storage works best for your office.