Do you always struggle to keep the desk drawers in your workspace tidy? No matter how hard you try, somehow there are always too many items on the desk. Then it also becomes challenging to find office supplies during meetings and client calls. You can bid adieu to all these problems by following some single organizing hacks:

  1. Declutter the supplies-When was the last time you got rid of all the unessential stuff from your office drawers? Designate a day to declutter the drawers and you will be surprised by the number of unimportant things you’ll find. From dried-out pens to using less paper, dispose of everything that is trash.
  2. Sort items by categories-Once you have eliminated the things that are of no use, you will be left with only the essential items. So, start sorting them based on their type. For instance, group all pens and pencils together. Store all important documents inside specific drawers.
  3. Organize cables, chargers, and cords-In the digitally advanced world of today, everyone has too many electronics. So, if there is a handful of cables and cords on your desk, you must organize them to double the space.
  4. Organize with the help of desk drawer containers-There are containers designed solely for desk drawers. Hence, get some mesh containers and bamboo trays for storing a variety of items.
  5. Apply putty to prevent sliding-If things keep sliding and slipping from one drawer to another, seal the corners with some putty.
  6. Make some DIY dividers-Adjustable dividers are versatile and never go out of style. They are perfect for office spaces because of their flexibility. They work best for all types of long items like staplers and scissors. You can also make some dividers yourself to keep the small items.
  7. Add labels-Be it in the kitchen or in the office – labeling things can be of great help everywhere. You can rearrange or remove label tapes anytime.
  8. Utilize the drawers smartly-It is also important to know which drawer is ideal for what stuff. For example, the things that you use regularly should be present in the top drawer. Similarly, items that you rarely use can be kept in the last drawer. Doing this will increase your efficiency and you won’t have to get up every now and then to fetch specific items.

The Takeaway:

With the above-mentioned tips, it will become easy for you to keep your office drawers functional and clutter-free. Now if the office drawers lack sufficient space to store all items you use, you can order some space-saving office furniture like wall-mounted file cabinets. They are available in attractive designs and are a great way of increasing storage space.